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Catalogue of Compositions/Arrangements 
Mass Settings

Mass of St Bernard    Congregation/Organ    Lord have mercy, Glory to God, Holy Holy, Lamb of God    Commissioned  by Melbourne Liturgical Commission

Mass for Christmas    Cantor/SATB/Congregation 2 trumpets/organ    Lord have mercy, Glory to God, Holy Holy, Lamb of God 

Missa Castanea    Cantor/SATB/Congregation Celebrant/organ    Lord have mercy, Glory to God, Eucharistic prayer
Lamb of God   1991
Revised for new text 2010
Mass in D (Wedding)    SATB a cappella    Lord have mercy,  Holy Holy, Lamb of God   
Festival Mass    Cantor/SATB/Congregation Celebrant/organ/2 tpts/ 2 troms/timpani 1971
Mass for the Homeless    Cantor/SATB/Congregation Celebrant/organ   1998
Missa Consolari    Cantor/Congregation Celebrant/organ/ SATB optional   1994
Missa in Memoriam    Cantor/SATB/Congregation Celebrant/organ    1996
Missa Utopia    SATB a cappella    
Mass in F (Requiem )    SATB a cappella    L
Mass in honour of St Peter Julian Eymard    SATB/String Orchestra/solo trumpet/organ 1982

(Recorded 1987
Mass of St Mary of the Angels    Cantor or Celebrant/SATB/Congregation/organ     2004
Mass for a Jubilee and motet: Veni Creator Spiritus    Cantor/SATB/Congregation Celebrant/organ/2 tpts/ 2 troms/timpani   2005
Eymard Mass    Cantor/Congregarion/SATB optional/Organ    New translation text 2010     2011
Missa Salve Regina    Cantor/SATB/Congregation
Organ/2 tpts/3 troms   Including Psalm 150    Cantor/SATB/Congregation
Organ/2 tpts/2 troms       



Te Deum    SSAATTBB/4trumpets/timp/organ  1979
Tu es Sacredos    SATB/2 tpts.2 troms./timp        1968
Magnificat    Solo soprano         
An Advent Litany    SATB/Solo soprano    
Advent Song    SATB & SSA        1977
Noah's Anthem    SATB/solo soprano/String orchestra/Organ      
Mandatum    Cantor/Congregation  
Jubilee Hymn    Congregation        
As Truly as God is our Father So just as truly is God our Mother    SATB/Piano   ,2010

Psalm   Settings  


Psalms for the Church’s Year    includes..
Exodus Chap.XV     Cantor/Choir SATB/Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 42    Cantor/Choir SATB/Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 15    Cantor/Choir SATB/Organ/ Congregation        
Isaiah Chapter 12   Cantor/Choir SATB/Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 18    Cantor Organ Congregation        
Psalm 18    Cantor /Organ Congregation        
Psalm 18    Cantor/ Organ Congregation        
Psalm 21    Cantor/Choir SATB/Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 22      Cantor/Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 23      Cantor/Organ/ Strings. Oboe, Bassoon and  Congregation        
Psalm 24      Cantor/Choir SATB/Organ/ 2 tpts (timpani optional) Congregation        
Psalm 29      Cantor/Choir SATB/Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 30      Cantor/Choir SATB/Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 33      Cantor/Choir SATB/Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 32      Cantor/Choir SATB/Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 33      Cantor/Choir SATB/Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 39      Cantor/Choir Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 57      Cantor/Choir Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 77      Cantor/Choir Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 84      Cantor/Choir Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 88      Cantor/Choir SATB/Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 89      Cantor/Choir Organ/Congregation        
Psalm  95    SATB Congregation Organ and/or Strings &2 oboes        
Psalm 97      Cantor/Choir Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 99      Cantor/Choir SATB/Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 103    Cantor/Choir SATB/Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 111    Cantor/Choir SATB/Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 113    Cantor/Choir SATB/Organ/ Strings/ Congregation        
Psalm 115    Cantor/Choir SATB/Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 115a    Cantor/ Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 115b    Cantor/Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 118    Cantor/Choir Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 126    Cantor/Choir Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 137   Cantor/Choir SATB/Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 137   Cantor/Choir SATB/Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 137    Cantor/Choir SATB/ Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 138    Cantor/Choir SATB/Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 144    Cantor/Organ/ Congregation 

Psalm 150    SATB/Organ  Congregation String orchestra        
Responsorial Marian hymn     Cantor/Organ/ Congregation        
Psalm 97    SATB/Organ Congregation  Solo soprano   2010


Song Cycles     

A Song Cycle
Poems by William Blake     Soprano and piano   2001
Songs of Love and Death
Text: Graeme Ellis    Soprano and piano   2007
Four Songs
Text: Graeme Ellis    Soprano and piano 2008

Liederkreis after Eichendorf and Schumann
Text: Graeme Ellis     Soprano and piano 2008
Fortune my Foe 
contains  the 3 cycles:
     1 Songs of love and death
     2 Four Songs
     3 Liederkreis

Joan of Arc
Text: Graeme Ellis    Soprano and piano   
Doomed Youth
Texts:  Wilfred Owen, John McCrae,  Kenneth Slessor   2015. 
Songs for the Innocents

Text: Susan Breen Clarke 2016 Soprano and piano


Text: Susan Breen Clarke 2016 Soprano and piano

Autumn Days

Text: Joan Webster's 2017  Soprano and piano

Arrangements and Editions

Overture  to Die Fledermaus Johann Strauss    For 8 pianos        2009
Rhapsody in Blue George Gershwin    For 8 pianos    2010
Missa ad Praesepe George Malcolm    String orchestra and 2 oboes  
Missa Brevis Giovanni Gabrieli    SATB/2trumpets/2trombones       
Missa Octi Voci Hassler    SATB/2trumpets/2trombones        

Anerio*    Mass in D    Choir SATB a cappella    
Campra*    Missa ad Maiorem Dei gloriam    Choir SATB a cappella    
De Lasso*    Missa ad Vinum Bonum    Choir SATB Brass 2 Trumpets 2 trombones Organ
Palestrina*     Missa Iste Confessor    Choir SATB a cappella   
Hassler*    Missa Octi voci    Brass SATB and Choir SATB    
Richard Terry*    Mass in C    Choir SATB and Organ  
G.Malcolm*    Missa ad Praesepe    Choir SATB  Orchestra
Strs. VlI, VlII, Vla, Vc. Db.
Obs I&II (or Flutes)
G.O.Rutter    Mass in D    Choir SATB
Strs. VlI, VlII, Vla, Vc. Db.
Obs I&II  

Mass of St Francis  Paul Taylor

1.  2 trumpets/ 2 trombones

2.  Flute/ Violin

Mass Shalom  Colin Smith

2 trumpets/ 2 trombones and timpani

Mass of Mary McKillop  John Byrne   Choir SATB and Organ

Missa Esquilino  John Byrne  Choir SATB and Organ


G.Faure    Cantique de Jean Racine    Choir SATB 

Strs.VLI, VLII, Vla, Vc. Db. Clars 1&2
Tpts 1&2Timpani        
M.Dupre*    Ave Verum
 1. Choir SATB
Strs. VlI, VlII, Vla, Vc. Db.Ob. I&II 
Fag. I&II Timpani 

2. Choir SATB
Strs. VlI, VlII, Vla, Vc. Db.Obs I&II 
Fr Hns I&II    
Zielinski*    In monte Oliveti 

SATTB a cappella        
T. Dubois    Thee O Christ
SATB a cappella        English Translation
Flor Peeters    Te Deum    

SATB, organ  Arr. for 2 trumpets and 2 trombones      

Christmas Carols

Traditional Tirol
 Come run to Bethlehem

 SATB, a cappella Transcribed: Otto Nechwatal  (memory) 1988
Pietro Yon    Gesu Bambino    Arr. for 2 obs, 2 hns, Strings (no Vlas)        
Coverdale’s Carol    Soprano/tenor solo  Arr. for strings (no Vlas)        

Hark the Herald    Arr. for 2 obs, 2 hns, Strings (no Vlas)        

Silent Night    Arr. 2 obs/fls, strings (no Vlas)        Parts only.  For use with Alice Parker/Robert Shaw version.
We wish you a Merry Christmas    Arr. SATB and piano/organ or with brass         



Old 100th    SATB Brass 2 trumpets/2 trombones        
Diademata  SATB Brass 2 trumpets/2 trombones        
St Denio SATB Brass 2 trumpets/2 trombones        

Psalm 150  Vermulst Unison Brass 2 trumpets/2 trombones timpani        

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